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Welcome to Sleepy Meadows; a responsible and reputable Himalayan and Persian breeder. We look forward to helping you find your next Himalayan or Persian.

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The Persian requires regular grooming to insure the beauty of their coat, so consider carefully before making a lifetime commitment to this glorious cat.





Persians are very beautiful, with sweet dispositions, quiet mannerism, and regal characteristics. They are very tolerant, walk away and do not engage.
Persians are gentle by nature, and make wonderful, loving pets.
They are highly ornamental in your home, have lovely soft fur, and are not prone to being destructive. Persian cats adjust quite well to new surroundings, although some can be shy around loud noises.   
They tend to live long lives and become very attached to their owners. Persians make delightful companions and will bring you much joy.



The impressive Persian is a massively built cat clothed in a long, flowing coat. Short, heavily boned legs support the Persian's boxy body. The cats head should be rounded, with large round eyes and a short snub nose. A sweet expression promises the easygoing personality for which the Persian is popular.
A wide variety of colors are acceptable in this breed and are divided into seven categories: Solids, Silver/Golden, Smoke, Shaded, Tabby, Parti-colored, Bi-colored and Himalayan.

Sleepy Meadows Himalayans and Persians